About Jesus Smokes

Jesus Smokes is a Streetwear brand that unifies fashion, the arts, pop culture, beliefs, voice, charity, vision and the STREETS. Our goal is to combine and implement these elements to create a brand that will change the world's vision on modern day ideals. If you have ever wanted to make a difference in this world but didn't know how, now's your time. Our brand is going to take a small portion of every purchase and put towards our non-profit that is being developed. Our non-profit will devote itself to causes like saving lost children, feeding and clothing the less fortunate & giving opportunity to those that may not know anything but pain. Purchasing this brands means you're investing in people that may have been or are lost and need help finding a better path. This brand is for people that may have no voice to be heard. This brand is for those of you that have a voice and can directly or inadvertently make a difference. It's for the souls that have experienced being mistreated or alienated is some form. This brand represents overcoming struggle and disparities . This brand is for the future of this world. Together WE can unify and collectively become a mass or church of adversities, saving and helping broken and torn souls become whole and healed again. Thank You~ Jsmks