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Smoking jackets have been a part of the luxurious attire for decades now. They were introduced as an elegant alternative for formal tuxedos and were first popularized when Turkish Tobacco rose in Britain. After dinner, gentlemen would put on a smoking jacket, light a cigar, and look all fancy. Today, smoking jackets are all about having a velvety version of a tuxedo to wear at intimate gatherings. You can pair your smoking jackets with black dress shoes, an undone white shirt, and slim-fit trousers, and your attire will speak for itself.

Jesus Smokes offers a new take on smoking jackets for men, with vibrant colors and a design to put all eyes towards you. At Jesus Smokes, we offer a full line of authentic vintage-style smoking jackets, perfect for enjoying a nice time with your friends or family. Place your orders today!

We are transforming the dress code for you ladies too. Our smoking jackets for women help you make a lasting impression. Unlike our men’s collection, the smoking jackets for you boss ladies are perfect for all occasions. Whether you want to wear them casually to a party or to complete a formal look for a meeting, these jackets will help you shine just like the star you are. Are you looking for a special fabric or color? Our collection of smoking jackets has it all!

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